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Thank you for your interest in Grandma’s Pantry.  Our products are made at time of order, so nothing is sitting on a shelf.  Our products are made with no additional preservatives or colorings. 

We currently carry just shy of 200 products and personalize inventory based on area interest. 

Just a few bits of information: 

      • As a wholesaler, you would receive on average 40% off the retail product price.  You would have the full product line available to you, which does include gluten-free & seasonal.
      • You do not have to order a “case” of any one product.  Because we make them fresh at time of order, we would prefer you order as your customer base dictates to keep everything fresh and at its best quality.
      • Our products have a one-year shelf life (per FDA) even though they have requested we make it a six month “for best quality” date.

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